ActiveAvenues is a consulting firm focused on advising clients on obtaining permanent residency through investment, citizenship through investment and global real estate investment opportunities. With increasing global mobility, there is an increasing desire to expand businesses globally, create a second base for their home or to diversify their real estate portfolios. ActiveAvenues is the leading consultancy firm advising on these issues and has partnered with the distinguished local firms in over 30 countries around the world to help you with your decision making process.

Residency via investment and citizenship via investment programs facilitate the process of obtaining a permanent residency or citizenship of another country by investing in the economy of that country. Under these programs permanent residency or citizenship status is conferred at an accelerated rate compared to traditional applications. In some programs permanent residency leads to citizenship by naturalization provided the resident has lived in the country for a certain number of years; in others citizenship is directly granted upon investment. Residents and citizens via investment are entitled to live, work, go to school and access health care in the host country just as the naturalized population.

Alternative Residency and Citizenship has become a topic of broad interest, promising mobility and security in an ever changing world scenario. Access to world class healthcare, education, career prospects is a key driver for our clients, in addition to options for taxation, retirement and succession planning.

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